Dental implants New York

The true key behind the success of dental implants is the metal titanium. Before the discovery of this metal’s uniqueness, dentists had tried in vain to find a material that could offer New York patients a fixed and non-removable solution to failing or missing teeth. But, no matter what was tried, the replacement would fail to integrate with the jawbone in a way that would be predictable and long lasting.

Dental Implants NYC: The Accidental Discovery of Osseointegration

It was in 1951 that Swedish orthopedic surgeon, Professor Per-Ingvar Brånemark, accidentally discovered the potential medical importance of titanium metal. During an experiment with rabbit bone, Professor Brånemark found that if a titanium implant was inserted in living bone and left without disruption, the bone cells would actually fuse with the surface of the metal. He was trying to measure blood flow in rabbit bone, but when he tried to extract the titanium implant, he found that the bone solidly bonded to it, a process that became known as “osseointegration.”

This accidental discovery changed the field of orthopedic surgery, dedicated to the repair and replacement of bones and joints in the body. It also rendered the entire field of dental implantology in New York a possibility! What had remained a mystery for so long had now finally been revealed: the secret to the success of fixed (non-removable) tooth replacement was titanium metal.

New York Dental Implants: The Benefits of Titanium

Titanium is not only an ideal candidate for dental implants because of its biocompatibility, although this is indeed a crucial characteristic. It’s also very strong and has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of all the stable and non-toxic metals known. In other words, it is exceptionally lightweight. Titanium’s great immunity to corrosion also means that implants can survive in the mouth, which is a naturally acidic and perpetually wet environment, for many decades without deteriorating. And of course, its strength enables the implant to support a strong and natural bite, so that patients can use their new teeth to eat many different foods.

New York surgeons and dental healthcare professionals around the world now consider dental implants to be the best and most sophisticated solution there is for the replacement of single and multiple missing teeth. But the entire field wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for titanium metal!

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