New teeth Implants

Does getting new teeth in one day sound more like fantasy than fact? Well, with the introduction of the “All-on-4™” protocol in 1993 and with the subsequent developments in medical technology, implant hardware and pain management methods, the ability to get a brand new set of teeth in as little as a single day is no longer fiction… it’s an established science!

About “All-on-4™” New Teeth Implants

Dental Implant construction

The “All-on-4™” technique is internationally regarded a breakthrough in the fields of implantology and fixed oral rehabilitation. Introduced in 1993 by European Implantologist, Dr. Paulo Malo and his team at MALO CLINIC-Lisbon, this technique aimed to provide a comprehensive, sophisticated and long-term teeth replacement solution to a group of people who had previously been told that they were not candidates for dental implants. These people were typically on the verge of losing all their teeth or denture wearers whose jawbones had lost too much bone volume for traditional implant procedures to be considered viable unless bone grafting was performed first.

The All-on-4™ changed all of this by lifting the limitations of older dental implant procedures and almost always without the added discomfort and expense of bone grafting, rendering a far greater number of people candidates for new teeth in one day. The protocol itself is unprecedented in the Benefits and Advantages it offers over previous implant techniques and teeth replacement technologies alike – such as removable partial and full dentures and non-implant supported bridges. Nowadays, the All-on-4™ is regarded by many as the new standard of care for edentulous (toothless) and near-edentulous patients around the world!

With the All-on-4™ performed “the MALO CLINIC way”, you can literally get new teeth implants in as little as one day with a single surgery, all from one location. So, ditch the failing bridgework or dentures and come visit MALO AOR!

New Teeth in One Day at MALO Advanced Oral Rehabilitation

New teeth Implants

Here at MALO Advanced Oral Rehabilitation, our team of highly experienced and qualified dental specialists routinely replace patients’ entire sets of old and failing teeth and/or dentures with new teeth that are fixed, non-removable and far superior in aesthetics, function and feel.

We strive for excellence in patient care, which begins at making each person feel completely comfortable and ends at offering the very best and most cutting-edge teeth replacement solutions the field of fixed oral rehabilitation has to offer. We never stop learning or adapting and as a result, there are virtually no patient cases the MALO AOR team is not able to find creative and workable solutions for.

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If you want to learn more about All-on-4™ dental implant solution and how the technique could completely change your life, you can schedule a consultation with one of our highly respected and experienced MALO AOR specialists. Please fill out the Contact Form on Our Website, or, alternatively, you can contact us directly at 201-549-8804. All initial consultations are completely free and include a 3D Cone Beam CT scan!