Dr. Guillermo J. Molina

Dr Guillermo J. Molina

Dr. Guillermo J. Molina

Dr. Guillermo J. Molina is a Prosthodontist on the MALO Advanced Oral Rehabilitation team here in Rutherford, New Jersey. An experienced professional in his field, Dr. Molina is fuelled by the ambition to learn and master the most cutting-edge developments and techniques in the fields of dental implantology and fixed oral rehabilitation.

Dr. Guillermo Molina is highly skilled and experienced in the protocols and technology provided by Nobel Biocare, one of the world’s largest and most respected manufacturers of quality dental implants and associated products and software. Armed with this extensive arsenal of education and experience, Dr. Molina is able to offer MALO AOR patients the most sophisticated and effective tooth loss solutions.

Dr. Molina has, over the many years he’s been a member of our team, seen to the needs of hundreds of patients, ranging from those who have lost only one tooth in an accident to those who are suffering from a failing dentition and are in need of new teeth. It’s Dr. Molina who has enabled these patients to walk out of the MALO AOR Facility with beautiful new teeth in as little as one day.

Education and Training

Dr. Guillermo J. Molina:

  • In 1990, graduated from the University of Maryland’s Dental School.
  • Completed his post-graduate studies in prosthodontics at the University of Maryland’s Dental School.
  • Went on to work in research and development. Dr. Molina innovated new techniques and technologies to advance the field of dental implantology.
  • A member of the American College of Prosthodontics

Dr. Guillermo J. Molina has enjoyed a highly successful private practice dedicated to dental implantology and prosthodontics since 1992. This practice now runs under the wing of the MALO AOR Facility.

Dr. Guillermo J. Molina and the ‘All-on-Four™’ Technique

In keeping with his passion for advanced dental implant technology and treatment techniques, Dr. Guillermo J. Molina learned the “All-on-4™” protocol under the keen tutelage of the very man who pioneered the technique: Dr. Paulo Malo. Dr. Molina’s dedication to computer-aided surgical planning and guided surgery has enabled him, and of course the team at MALO AOR, to offer our patients the sophisticated solutions that are planned to provide the very best functional, aesthetic and long-term results.

Through ceaseless research and development, Dr. Guillermo J. Molina is in constant pursuit of new horizons and we here at the MALO AOR are privileged to have him as our colleague and associate.

Contact Dr. Guillermo J. Molina:

Guillermo J. Molina, DDS
MALO Advanced Oral Rehabilitation Facility
201 Route 17 North, 12th Floor
Rutherford, NJ, 07070
Phone: (201)549.8804
Website: http://www.newteethoneday.com